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#2 Your all time jewellery piece

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

In the era of accessorising , experimenting and fashion there are few jewellery pieces that are timeless and very close to your heart , it can be anything , until recently it was my engagement ring(still very close to my heart) then as a very influenced and impressionable millennial Cartier love bracelet came to the picture, needless to say because I cannot take it off again and again and after a while it became part of me and I completely love it.

It can be anything your favourite diamond ear studs, your favourite ring , your mother's bracelet or a family heirloom , a precious jewellery piece that becomes a part of you and you never leave the house without it.

Every individual has its own style, own personal language which can be translated with different accessories, style patterns over the time, but by the time you are approaching thirty we tend to make up our minds toward what things are precious to us and closer to our heart and overall style.

Even if you have to wear certain precious stone rings(for astrological reasons) , customary marital jewellery (Mangal sutra / wedding bands ) etc , it can always be personalised as per your taste and choice of design.Something that talks about you in a very subtle yet symbolic manner.

So girls while you are out galavanting try to find one heirloom / or a piece of segment jewellery that becomes a part of you eventually and if your still haven't matched one to your personality you can always take this fun quiz


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