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Updated: Jan 14, 2018

Origin of concept of our collection : When I first decided to create a collection I wanted to approach fashion from practical point of view, one professor once told me that ‘ do not create anything that you cannot imagine yourself in’ Muse is good ,but to start your journey you need to look within.Fashion pieces  that you imagine yourself in , style that is true to yourself ,that you think is missing from the market, price point , quality that you seek , and your contribution to the existing art forms.

The main inspiration came from all the digital art magazines , contemporary artists, designers I started to follow on various social media platforms, I stopped working after I got married and had nothing but time on my hands (which sounds good at first but is depressing at the end )and it became an escape from my real life and my way to connecting to art .Like a visual stimuli, a curated art gallery on your phone , my phone had thousand of screenshots that inspired or moved me in some way and it sort of made a mood board for me in itself. It weaved a pattern which I later translated into the collection .It was so complicated and had to be simplified in my own personal way.

Its not a particular art movement , painting or an object , its everything, digital artists, photographers, memes, trend blogs, digital art curators, gossip stations, music , movies ,If I am blessed in a time when I can access anything or everything , why not turn it into an inspiration then a place with no meaning. I have heard so many people condemning internet for its vastness and how its boring and confusing but so is real world. And for me , when I was unable to go anywhere or do anything that made an impact it really helped me to create something so emotional based on one’s attention span and millions of people with different backgrounds responding to it. It makes you feel a part of this vast community.

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