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I recently watched DRIES (one of my very favourite designers since college) and was so intrigued by the way it was made , shot ,edited and the whole message of the documentary . While I was at it , there is a segment where its mentioned that how his main embroidery unit is in Calcutte India and the relationship with the factory goes back to twenty long years exploring different techniques , material exploration , samples. It has a very pivotal role in his design aesthetics and his process to create couture over the years, its so important that a embroidery design head is appointed just to be in Indian factory to over look embroidery operations .

Not only Dries Von Noten but so may other couture brands have their production units, hand embroidered units in India . I remember as a design intern being intrigued by the number of hours, craftsmen and technique that went in to create Balmain

chain dress back in 2010. How much effort, coordination, skill and labour that goes into creating these pieces. From Louis Vuitton , Prada , Marc jacobs , roberto cavalli, Chanel , Christian Louboutin all these couture has drawn inspiration, skill set from India time to time, Yet we secretly hate the whole concept of made in India , that is why you would never see any of the brands , Couture or ready to wear highlighting the very fact that is specially "made in India ". Over the years I thought its the hypocrisy of others not to glorify the origin , only a subtle mandatory mention on the garment's wash care label.

Yet , more I got into this side of fashion business I understood, its no body's fault but ours, we are not proud of what we do,what we know and where we can reach with our resources. Have you ever talked to an Italian , how proud, how protective and how dedicated they are for the very concept on "Made in Italy "

Next time you read made in

india label on a isabel Marant jacket in Milan, Do not diss the fact that its MADE IN INDIA< instead be proud of the very fact that out of the whole world the designer chose our country to make her designs come to life. Be very proud , somewhere when we were growing up and making opinions , we are conditioned to hate (passive patriotism).So slowly and steadily lets make MADE IN INDIA a proud statement then a hidden piece of information.

Whereas these brands come to india , give jobs to thousands of hand embroiderers, craftsmen is the only reason the tradition, technique, skill and the particular craft is still alive. If it was not for the employment and handsome amount spent in the construction of these couture pieces , either the craft would die eventually or get lost in the Made in china (affordable) machine version of the same design. We as a nation got drifted towards polyester , machine embroidery , computer generated cheap alternatives over woven , pure fabrics and hand embroidered fashion...since in our country its driven from necessity , comsuption, quantity over quality and we have been mass commodity consumers not design driven individuals . There is no space and time to stop and appreciate what we have . The very reason we were invaded by Mughals, Britishers , french or Portuguese is lost . Our touch and appreciation for our own skill set, resources and work force.

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