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How does the places you live in affect your design and style

I am married in Mumbai (land of Bollywood- Indian film industry), work in Delhi (capital city) , my maternal house in Himachal (Himalayas) and we recently partly shifted to Dubai (UAE) and I left a piece of my heart in Italy back when I went to study there . So I am pretty much on the move all the time , basically living out of my suitcase .Initially this delayed my plans to start a brand but turned out to be blessing in disguise. All the places have different set of people, purpose,weather, needs ,occasions and demographics .

I noticed that I packed different for different places but there were some essentials that were always in my bag , from an evening dress, to a pair of pants to a cashmere pullover for the flights to a scarf just in case ,which prompted the first idea to create versatile mix and match pieces to create a bridge between cultures and places.

I realized that the appreciation of beauty , rhythm , quality and balance is similar no matter where you go , thus when you create something based on these principals its going to effect people in the same way, no matter where they come from.That’s how tourism works isn't it. Someone somewhere created something beautiful and people from allover the world travels down to appreciate it. #manishiiwrites #travelblogger, #travelblog, #travelgram, #travelphoto #travelbloggerlife, #wanderlust, #solotraveler #traveldiaries, #adventure, #instatravel #cityscape, #travelblogging, #dametraveler

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