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Hong Kong x Manishii

Hong Kong-an exciting, lively and vibrant city, living up to the term: “East meets West”. when it comes to culture, food, shopping, and architecture its a great example of amalgmation of western and eastern cultures.once you get there you get to realise how broadly it is influced by victorian culture , terminologies, street names, trams, builings with the primary asian influence. It is a city that has “everything”.

You can be on a beach and go shopping bonanza in one of the many flashy shopping malls or back-alley markets in a day's time. After a busy day you can just stand on any corner of the victorian harbour and the whole city will be lit up for you to calm down the rush you had all day.

The streets smell of delicous cantonese cuisine , the simple streets in day time turns into a walk in club mania in the night.

You can simply lift your head and look up towards the skyline when walking around the busy streets of Hong Kong, and look at all the magnificent skyscrapers.

There are over 7 million people living in Hong Kong, and the lack of space has turned Hong Kong into the world’s most vertical city.the whole place is a sumerged mountain tops in the sea which makes it even more special.the intellect, design and skill that has gone into creating the city is worth a visit.

When We stepped into the city we were astonished at the compact size of the living situation in the city , only to understand its purpose once we started spending time in the city. The land of ten thousand buddhas had me at aww , each and every buddha had a diffrent gesture , the astonishing part is to ponder how they must have come up with such detailed embodiement in such a cohesive manner .

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Tsz), located Po Fook Hill at Pai Tau Village, Sha Tin in the New Territories is one of Hong Kong’s most famous Buddhist temples and popular tourist attractions. The temple was founded in 1949 by the Reverend Yuet Kai and completed in 1957. The monastery is not residential and is managed by lay-persons. It should not be confused with the Po Fook Hill Ancestral Halls which lie directly below it ( a rookie mistake which we did and eneded up in a Ancestral halls , after roaming there for about half an hour we realised we had to go beyond that hill to the monastery).

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