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Cashmere Care

I remember once someone shared a story with me , where her mother kept all her beautiful expensive shawls wrapped in newspaper and then in a polythene and stored them away for next winters, only to find out newspaper ink marks from moisture on those precious shawls and scarfs . So like all beautiful , delicate and expensive things CASHMERE needs utter care and little know how - to upkeep them to pass it on to your daughter (daughter in law - few lucky ones) and to mainitain its overall warmth and lusture.

To keep your cashmere garments always clean and beautiful, here are some basic rules to follow: 


Moths have this particular love for cashmere , since its natural fiber ( bon apetite for them) so to prevent these little suckers to put holes in your precious sweater use mothballs which are made with the chemical naphthalene. They are quite affective as they gave off a toxic gas to moths.

Personal recommendation : Since I cannot tolerate the after smell of these moth balls , and I believe Napthelene is not not good for us as well ( its banned in UK AND USA) , try to use natural and herb alternatives such as Lavender , Camphor or Cedar wood balls or cedar wood shredded chips


or you can look various Cedar variations available in the market.


All our garments(well most ofthem) are recommended for Dry Cleaning.Dry cleaning is the best way to deal with stains that hand washing cannot remove. It is also recommended if the cashmere is woven, for example a pashmina, or has details such as crystal embroiderey , which could be damaged by water.


Pelase do not wear your cashmere with jewllery with rough edges , it might take out the delicate weaving of the material .


Cold water and baby shampoo/designated laundary liquid for woolens , you do not want to shrink your sweater. Be sure to dissolve the liquid thoroughly then put the sweater into water. Wash colored garments separately. Do not bleach even for stains. 


Even tough they show it int he advertisements while selling their washing machines, please rely it on your dry cleaner or your delicate hands to wash it .


The friction of wear causes tiny balls of fluff to form on new cashmere garments; this pilling is quite normal and does not necessarily indicate poor quality - t is the basic nature of the fiber . Regular washing will help to prevent pilling on quality cashmere garments. 


Check carefully for termites, dampness, sunlight and other leaks and cracks before storing your precious garments in your wardrobe or in your trunks or suitcases . Fold clothes or pack them neatly in tissue paper or cotton knitwear bags and store them in a closet away from light, dust and dampness. Try to avoid colored/news paper or anything that can leave dye or ink marks . You can find some anti moth bags on www.totalwardrobecare.co.uk


Please do not wear the same garment too frequently, even tough it goes with everything . Try to rest it our for atleast two ot three days .

Personal Recommendation : Try to wear a basic t shirt or silk scarf with your sweater and good quality sweater with your shawls to avoid makeup , other fibers or htreads on your cashmere.

I hope these tips were useful , Let me know if you have any thoughts on this

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