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#9 Your anti ageing mantra

Updated: May 8, 2018

Might sound a bit harsh , or remind you of that tiny crow's feet around your eyes or a little glimpse of laugh lines that you seldom notice and chose to ignore: its too early for me to use anti ageing or botox or skin tightening lasers. It's for women deep in their thirties, I will stay natural - only to panic later when you cannot help it .

But the truth of the hour is , FIX IT - Before gravity shows up.


You can be reckless , sleep with your makeup on , dehydrate your skin , experiment with different products , go to basic beauty parlours/salons and your skin will still forgive you in your twenties .But as you start to reach your thirties your skin starts to show subtle hints and even if you cannot see them : believe me its there .

So the only solution to avoid this impending doom is to figure out your anti ageing routine , it does not have to burn a hole in your pocket or you do not need a Kardashian Facialist . if you still have not started paying attention to your skin- trust me physically and aesthetically its the worst thing you can do to yourself

It can be as simple as :

-Moisturising your face before you go to sleep /figure out your combination skin

-Hydrate your skin on regular basis

-Change your grocery store face wash to drugstore face cleanser

-Try to skip scrubbing by yourself / you can expose your pores and its non negotiable.

-Remember how many times your doctor kept telling you vigorously to use Sunscreen - you always buy it, but it rests on your self and expires eventually . (if its greasy / use gel/ if it layers/ use an infused moisturiser/ if its such a drag - use a BB cream ) But take it very seriously .

-Take care of those acne and whiteheads like a professional / for starters- introduce your skin to retinol and salicylic acid so it can keep that excess oil in control

Google, face exercises -It'll help!!

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