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#8 Classic White Shirt

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Its one those items in your closet that knows no seasons, times of day and even gender, the very own Classic white shirt .Whether you are tall, fat , petite, dark, pale or yellow . This item of clothing will be your best friend no matter what.Familiar, simple and dependable white shirt that we all love. It has a reputation for formal , corporate and buttoned-up style, but lately every brand or designer is showing their own version of this classic staple.

Nothing says spring/summer like a crisp white button-down shirt.White shirts are anything but traditional. You can refresh your style with these all the contemporary choices there is .

If you are looking for something classic from day to night - a simple white button-down is your saviour . I personally believe in this Classic piece of clothing and I almost have every possible version of this, my favourite tough is my Husbands classic white shirt which I can swing as a summer dress or a oversized shirt with waist belt to accentuate my waist with my basic black pants.

There is not a single celebrity who you will not find in pair of white shirt and blue denims. Its a cultural cult and since it defies age , gender, and proportion it works for anyone and everyone .I love the way designer Caroline Herrera made it her own and other designers has rung up this very classic piece over the years.

There is a reason its is a wardrobe classic and every girl by the time she's turning thirty should master her very own style with the WHITE SHIRT.

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