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#7 Your favourite artist

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

When I say artist it can be anything , it can range from Jackson pollock, Piccaso to your favourite singer , band , your favourite actor, the play you saw as a kid , the sculpture that spoke to you, the art piece that reminded you of a beautiful memory , the photograph that made you cry.

And form of expression in the form of Art that translates your personality and your preferences. your preferences, choices , likes and dislikes eventually makes you a person you are , if you enter Roberto Cavalli's villa , Dries Von Noten (do watch DRIES on Netflix) Donatella Versace's environment, It s just not what clothes they make , its about everything in their environment that translate their personality . The music they hear, the movies they watch , the artist they love , the furniture they have , the bedsheets they love , their dinnerware its a form of self expression .

These are subtle things we pick up in our twenties and that becomes a vital part of our story over the years. Its the expression, its the art movement , its the style of movies or a specific genre, a definitive color story. So I hope you find it and make it your own by the time you turn thirty .

Personally over the time I realised I am really influenced and moved by Abstract Expressionism and have the privilege over the years to witness some great artists of the era.

I realise a lot of my personal sketches is always titled in the very direction.

Another sculpture artist that I really like is Johnson Tsang , his way of sculpture is so self conflicted and as someone once told me , the ART has to make you feel something, it can be anything , Love, Hatred , Disgust , Anger. But it has to make you feel something.

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