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#5 Forever Flower

Flowers are lovely. One beautiful bouquet of flowers can transform any drab space into an environment that feels bright and beautiful, adding a tiny pinch of delight to anyone who gets an eyeful of their glory.

But have you ever wondered why you’re drawn to a particular kind of flower? There is a reason. Just like your favourite scent or your favourite breed of dog. we are attracted to flowers that most closely resemble our own personalities.

There is very popular story about a French queen who over the years was replaced by numerous queens and consorts but she would always leave her favourite yellow lilies bouquets in the king's chambers, which eventually very subtle reminded the king of all the memories and good times he spent with the queen and it made him miss her even more and eventually he left everyone just to be with her .So the only good thing to take out of this story is to finally find your signature flower over the years that reminds people of you when you are not even there .

If you do not have a signature flower how will people know what to send you on your birthday or what will your beau get as his sorry or I love you flowers.

Its the subtle hints that you leave behind in your absence , its your symbolic representation of yourself , your style , your memory embeded in people's minds.

If you have not found your favourite flower yet , keep looking , maybe its on your table someday and its yours forever.

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