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#4 Master your perfect red

Make is a very tricky game and if you are a amateur like me it gets even more difficult but eventually you have to choose your battles and by the time you are turning thirty you have to better your makeup game for all the good reasons :

Anytime of the day : Its works at all time, either its a brunch , cathcjhing coffee with your friends or a dinner date with your beau it works at all times.

It photographs well : It will never fail you in pictures , full contoured makeup or just a bb cream face , it always photographs really well.

Power color : Red lipstick is the makeup equivalent of slipping on a sexy pair of pumps. It's the easiest way to instantly upgrade your look. "Red gives off a femme fatale vibe—you wear it to get noticed," says makeup artist Nick Barose.

It could make you more competent at work. In 2011, The New York Times looked into a study conducted by Procter & Gamble and Harvard University that found that women who wear bold makeup are perceived as more likeable and competent in the workplace.

Makes you look younger : Even if I accept it or not the longing to look younger is only going to come back again and again once I will be approaching my thirties so might as well have few tricks up my sleeve and red lipstick is a master stroke when it comes to make you look younger and fresh faced.

Over the years I have invested ( trust me its an investment if you find your perfect red lipstick ) I once saw this girl wearing this perfect red matte lipstick and I had to go upto her befriend her and ask her about the lipstick, oddly enough when I tried it I felt so glamorous at that very moment , it just lifted my spirits at the moment , ten years down the line I still swear by that red lipstick.

My personal to go lipcolor os Ruby Voo by Mac . Its my saviour, whenever I need life me up and have to instantly change my look, Ruby Voo is my saviour and I still thank my friend to make me buy it a try it on for the first time.

Do read this article to find your perfect red for your skin tone .


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