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I recently read a passing title on Business of fashion stating ' Women are prepared to fork out substantial sums for an item that does nothing that a supermarket plastic bag can’t do''
Only if I could explain someone the importance and value of these things in our daily lives consciously or subconsciously .
Not only your bag contains the contents of what you daily nick bits to get you through the day, but it also shows how serious you are about your presentation to the world, it implies your literacy about your brands and your understanding of the purpose and style.

Now, most statement bags are usually made by very well-known designers like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Dior (Hello ? Devils wear PRADA), and the ultimate bag of all bags: the Queen Bee Hermes- Birkin. Even though the popular culture celebrities make them look like a everyday accessory , these bags actually require a waiting list, thousands of dollars, and an impeccable taste.Its like getting a Rolls Royce in bags. But you do not have to sell your kidneys in order to get a great statement crocodile leather Birkin. You can find a less expensive bag, but durable will definitely still cost a substantial amount of money. Rachel Dodes of The New York Times addressed the importance of the statement bag beautifully:

“In a modern, mobile world, there’s also something deeper going on with women and their bags, according to Judith Clark, professor of fashion and museology at the London College of Fashion. ‘But it’s also a very intimate decision, having to do with the privacy that goes along with the inside of a bag.’ In picking a bag, we are in essence showing the world how we pay respect to the contents of our lives, and perhaps even ourselves.”

What Exactly is a statement bag ? In general, a tiny bag can also be a statement bag but for the sake of argument and practical purpose of a bag- lets focus of big and medium sized bags.Mostly likely to be black, grey ,tan , blue or can be shades of red .There is a huge difference between weekend bag and your statement IT BAG . So choose it carefully and ultimately you should be the one carrying the bag not the bag carrying you around. Its the bag that goes with almost all of your outfits, matches your style, is durable and reeks a sense of stability and your understanding of fashion and off course your social standing.(as hypocritical it may sound but its true). As of now I have a long list of statement bags I need to buy , I have collected few over my twenties but I am sure by the time I am approaching my thirties I am choosing quality over quantity , I have stared investing in timeless styles, good brands and started seeing it as a personal and emotional investment .It has to be your very own personal collection of beautiful classic brands .And trust me being in fashion- bags are one thing that takes real hardwork from conception to design to execution and only if I could show how much effort it took to create Lady Dior iconic quilted bag you would understand the joy of having it and the time spent to Crete one handmade Hermes Birkin -you will understand what the fuss is all about.And every Brand has its iconic bags, so you automatically end of having a diverse collection of these babies in your closet.Here are some of my favourites :

Statement bag in a good brand is an investment they mostly go for seventy percent of their original value on websites , vintage stores and luxury archive collectors
But you can also just keep it for yourself and admire it and hopefully carry it for many years and show it to your daughters. Because if you put a lot of money into them as per people who would never the understand the value of the signature bag, just like any good investment, they will hold up for years and hopefully, hold your things at all times.
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