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A womenswear brand exclusively dealing in Hand spun Cashmere products made in Nepal which is later brought back to India and hand embroidered along with our wide range of hand embroidered bombers, jumpsuits dresses etc. We believe in the world of fast disposable fashion there are certain pieces that stay in your wardrobe forever and and are timeless and can be mismatched and worn over and over again.

Hand made


Art X Manishii

Exclusive Art pieces by Manishii

The artwork is her representation of the liberated women on the surface and her subconscious to be the women she is conditioned to be all her life. Working on cotton blend biodegradable paper with water colour employed with a bold colour palette accentuated with Gold foil and intricate details by black pen to translate the complexity of emotion, conflict and a bold female presence melting down in her narrative.